• Isikupite Hii

    December 25, 2014


    Canon, an Atlanta-based rapper signed to Reflection Music 
    Group, continued to undergo surgery on Tuesday after he
    suffered a shattered ankle, broken jaw and concussion from 
    a 20-foot fall on Saturday, reported The Leaf-Chronicle. 

    He is expected to need his jaw wired shut for a month and 
    rehabilitation for three-to-five months. 

    Leaving a performance in Clarksville, Tennessee on 
    Saturday night, Canon and his manager Brandon Mason 
    parked on the side of the road to assist a driver who had 
    wrecked his car. As they tried to help the driver out of the car, 
    disoriented, he twisted the ignition key. Gas spread rapidly, 
    forcing Canon and Mason to flee.

    Canon leaped over a rail because, in the dark, he couldn’t 
    see the ravine that sent him falling 20 feet onto a creek bed.

    “The hard part of this is [Canon] is an artist and this is 
    what the does. He gets paid for performing, and his jaw is 
    wired shut,” Jacob Maikish, CEO of RMG, told The Leaf-Chronicle
    “We know he will be OK, but it will be a tough road with a lot of 
    rehabilitation, physical therapy and surgeries.”
     Canon will remain hospitalized through Christmas

    SOURCE http://www.rapzilla.com/rz/news/38-backstage/9681-canon-hospitalized-with-major-injuries-from-20-foot-fall