• Isikupite Hii

    June 21, 2014


     In his Facebook fan page,rapper Bizzle has posted the following message that i was pleased with and i would like to share with you...

    EVERYTHING IN GOD'S TIMING! I think we tend to take the Bible for granted sometimes because we have it in book form. We forget that these were REAL PEOPLE'S lives, that GOD used them to make characters for this book. We have the ability to read through 100 years in less than 100 pages. When you mix that with the microwave culture we live in, it causes us to have anxiety, doubt, and lose faith when we don't seem to happen for us as fast as they appeared to happen in the bible. We see multiple convos between GOD and Abraham, or GOD and Moses and to us it appears they just had a direct line to GOD and HE picked up on the first ring every time. We don't acknowledge the waiting time in between when the call went up and when GOD answered. Another great example is Joseph. GOD gave him a vision/dream, but it doesn't come to pass for 23 years. In the meantime Joseph was betrayed by his brothers, thrown in a pit, sold into slavery, falsely accused and imprisoned. Many of us would have given up in the pit, or while in slavery, or in prison. Let's be honest, at THAT point it looks what GOD said isn't going to happen. It had been years, and there was plenty reason to doubt. Joseph had a choice whether to believe "what it looked like" or believe "What GOD said it would be". I can only imagone mow many people have turned away from GOD in "Year 22" of their struggle. I can only imagine how many people read about Abraham and Moses talking to GOD and expect HIM to be some genie who just sits there and waits for them to rub the lamp. I know this isn't popular in today's society, but The truth is sometimes GOD takes time to answer prayers and sometimes dreams take time to come true. And while we all believe PATIENCE is a virtue, none of us want to be........patient. Patience exercises your faith. Fight the good fight and keep pushing on relentlessly, refusing to let go of GOD'S Word......because HIS Word will NOT return to HIM void!!!

    be blessed by taking your time to read this..