December 24, 2016

Christina Shusho - Gospel is not for publicity but spreading the word of God.

There is a huge difference on how Kenyan artists and Tanzanian gospel is sung. Ever since, Willy Paul collaborated with Size 8 on ‘Tiga Wana’, questions have been raised whether it is gospel or not. SBJ is another musician whose song title ‘Nyonyo’ made it too uncomfortable Christina Shusho. She decided to call out for Emmy Kosgei, to help them out.

Christina wishes that they could go to church, listen to the preaching, read the bible and get hints on how to write valid christian songs. Gospel has no generation so the way Willy Paul keeps on claiming his singing according to his generation is disagreeable. Further more she insists that God should not be played with, neither is it a joke to mess with faith.