October 9, 2017

Wanyama 17 ambao ni nadra sana kuonekana, na sidhani kama umewai kuwaona.

There are some animals that live on this planet that you don’t know they exist.

I mean, maybe you have seen some of these animals while you’ve been visiting some foreign country, but you didn’t know that you were looking in a rare animal.

These animals are not one of those you can take and keep them in your house. With so many species in this world, we could’ve expected something like this to show up.

1. Thorny Dragon

2. Aye-aye

3. Blue Sea Slug

4. Blue Parrotfish

5.Lowland Streaked Tenrec

6. Okapi

7. Eastern Long-Necked Turtle

8. Indian Purple Frog

9. Pyura Chilensis

10. Red Lipped Batfish

11. Mantis Shrimp

12. Giant Isopod

13. Panda ant

14. Thorn Bug

15. Goblin Shark

16. Narwhal

17. Hummingmoth