January 8, 2018

Foods to boost sperm quality - Man.

Selenium and zinc
They are necessary for testosterone production. They can be found in celery, eggplants, oysters, and chocolate.

Vitamin A
It has a high antioxidant capacity, protects the whole reproductive system, and is needed for the production of progesterone. It can be found in eggs, milk, carrots, and melon.

Vitamin C
It contributes to the improvement of sperm motility. It can be found in oranges, peppers, garlic, and almonds.

Vitamin E
It has a great antioxidant capacity. It boosts sperm quality and can be found in sunflower seeds, peanuts, walnuts, asparagus, and boiled spinach.

For sperm quality to be improved, a balanced diet should be followed, which includes avoiding saturated fats. If there are seminal alterations, the consumption of multivitamin supplements is recommended for several months. Afterwards, the sperm analysis should be repeated to see whether sperm parameters have improved.