January 8, 2018

So does masturbation have side effects? check out

Like every good thing, excess of masturbation can be bad. Remember each human ejaculum contains millions of sperms and body has to send lot of energy and resources to make those. Excessive masturbation can also be a sign of depression, mood disorders or social anxiety.

I have also seen cases where the belief that they are doing something wrong by doing masturbation, young boys develop a guilt complex, followed by anxiety, depression and then physical symptoms like poor erection, premature ejaculation, hair loss, back pain, vague body pains etc. In such cases counseling is needed about healthy sexual practices.

In your case the weak erection can be caused by many physical or psycological factors. While homeopathy does offer treatment for most such conditions, I suggest you consult an MD or a homeopath in person to assess the real cause of your problem. Do not base your beliefs on what your friends say or what you read in magazines or the internet about the side effects of masturbation. Let a trained medical person make a complete assessment.