March 13, 2018

Mazoezi 6 ya makalio ili kuunda mwili wako vizuri - Ladies.

Nani asiyependa kuwa mvuto? Kila mwanamke anapenda kupendeza na kuonekana na mvuto zaidi. Hali ndiyo imepelekea watu kutumia madawa ya Kichina ili kuongeza baadhi ya viungo vyao katika miili yao.

Kwa nini kupata shida zote wakati unaweza kuongeza mvuto, kulinda asili ya mwili wako na kuwa afya njema zaidi kwa kufanya mazoezi haya ya kawaida tu yanayoboresha makalio, angalau mara tatu kwa wiki pamoja na vipindi viwili vya mazoezi ya kukimbia.

1. Deep Squats
Ni zoezi rahisi tu, unasimama mguu pande kisha unachuchumaa chini na kuinuka juu tena bila kushika chini ama msaada wa kitu chochote (Kama kwenye hiyo picha)

2. Horse Stance
Unaanza kwa kusimama wima, kisha unatanua miguu yako kama kwenye hiyo picha hapo juu, kisha unaanza kupiga squat (kuchuchumaa) kama vile unakaa kwenye kiti na ubaki hivyo hivyo angalau kwa sekunde 15-30, lakini kwa wale wazoefu hufanya kwa dakika 5-10.

3. Step-up

Step-ups are a great dynamic exercise that really activates glutes and provides a good cardiovascular workout all in one. All you need a platform that is a little bit higher than your knees – somewhere around mid-thigh is good, but you can start out with a lower platform at first – e.g. a chair.

You step on it with one foot, raise your body up, and then bring the knee of your other leg up as high as you can, before stepping back down gently. You can make it a bit more difficult by holding small weights in your hands, or even something like a big water jug in front of you once you get stronger.

4. Flutter Kicks

This is a great way to target the abs and the glutes, the two body parts every woman wants to shape up for the summer. Lying flat on the back, raise your legs off the ground to about 450, then push one up as you lower the other down, alternating them like this for as long as you can.

These are some of the best exercises for developing a full, round and firm butt that will turn heads, but you shouldn’t neglect the rest of your body or cardio work. There is no need to overdo it – with 3 training sessions a week and a focus on constantly improving, you’ll develop all the right curves in no time.

5. Glute Bridges

This one really hits the glutes hard, so be ready for some soreness afterwards. To perform the exercise you simply lie down on your back and, with your feet planted comfortably on the ground and knees pointed upwards, raise your butt off the floor until only your feet, backs of the shoulders and head are touching the floor.

Make sure to push the hips as high up as you can and squeeze the glutes hard at the top. The exercise quickly becomes very easy, at which point you can straighten one leg and push off one leg at a time. You can also put some weight on your lower ab area, e.g. dumbbell or big water jug, and hold it steady with your hands.

6. Fire Hydrants

Start in a kneeling position, just like for the rear leg lifts, and then raise one leg to the side, keeping a 900 knee bend. Then you start rotating from the hip, making small circles at first and then wide swooping circles.

Do this for as long as you can, some 20-30 seconds at first, for three sets. This is a good exercise for opening up the hips, improving mobility as well as strengthening the glutes and some of the smaller muscles in the legs that are tough to target.