May 6, 2018

5 things guys notice first when they see a woman.

Ladies, it can be hard to figure out which part of your body to polish and which not to, when heading out. We usually meet and interact with a lot of people, without knowing the different things they have notice about us. Here are five things that Guys Tend to notice first when they see a woman.

The Twins.
Notice that when you walk towards a male, the twins are pointed and facing right at them. Most times, we reseal that a man’s eyes are at our boob level by the time we draw close to them. It is not their fault however, as women too look at a man’s chest when they are walking towards them. Buy the right bras, not too tight, and not too lose. Wear the perfect top, and do not look down as yoou walk towards a man.

The hair.
There is a common saying that if your hair looks nice, you will definitely look beautiful. Plait the right hairstyle that suits your body shape, and brings out your face. Some men love long bouncy weaves, whereas others adore naturals. Endeavor to have your hair clean, neat and organised before you meet a man.

The Nails.
When you finally engage into a conversation with a man, he will look at the movements your hands are making. The colors on the fingernails sometimes turn a man on. Keep your nails neat, and beautiful, as they sometimes speak a lot about your personality.

The Smell
Just like women love a man who smells good, they too cannot resist a woman with a yummy scent. Invest in your smell, as it communicates more than your beauty. The scent you create also gives you individual confidence to walk up to him. To not use perfumes and sprays that are too toxic and suffocating.

The Smile

On top of  a lovely outfit for the day, dress up in a descent smile. Nobody wnats to approach a grumpy woman. We all want to see your ability to laugh at our jokes, even from first impression. en love to be funny, and they want a woman who can smile.