May 8, 2018

6 signs that it’s definitely time to let go

1.Your intuition is nagging you to leave; you just feel it’s wrong.
Your gut knows; are you listening?

2.You’re being made to do things that make you very uncomfortable; favours and errands that the person should be doing for himself or herself. You find yourself doing things that you know are wrong, things that can be detrimental to you or get you into trouble.
3.You’re being taken advantage of and it’s become obvious (the other person asks for money or borrows your belongings). 
There’s nothing wrong with helping a person you love, but when you’re afraid not to – and it has happened before, or you see no sign of them getting on their feet again, even after you rescue them – slow down. Think hard about how this is hurting your own well-being.

4. Your energy is low; you feel exhausted and emotionally weak. 
If you find yourself dreading and avoiding someone whose company you once much enjoyed, pay attention. Relationships should uplift your spirits; not make you feel as if your life force is being drained.

5. You associate strong anxiety, fear and worry with the relationship. 

Perhaps you panic when the person isn’t with you or constantly worry that something will go wrong (like that they’ll cheat). When a relationship is marked by these emotions, it is not healthy for you.

6.Your own progress and personal efforts are being hindered by the other person. 
Maybe you are doing so much for them that you have no time to attend to yourself. You find yourself setting aside your own goals and desires to tend to their most basic needs.

Because we hold so much ‘free will’ in our relationships, there are no ‘right’ choices, but there certainly are good and bad ones. Know that a relationship should nourish you. If it hasn’t done that for a very long time, and your hard work on yourself and your relationship isn’t producing the joy and fulfillment you deserve, then it’s time to consider whether you are ready to move on and begin a new chapter of your life.

Dr. Carmen Harra