May 7, 2018

Exercises that reduce belly fat.

The most disappointing thing is when you are dressed up in a tight high waist pair of jeans, and you just cant couple it with that crop top you bought last weekend. It is worse when you throw on your body hugging dress, and there is a huge protrusion right below your belly button. Belly Fat. Do not lose all hope however. Today, Ghafla brings you different types of exercises that you can take up to reduce this discomfort.

Dieting is always a plus, but it cannot go alone without a little muscle stretching, and joint movement. Exercise is essential to burn general body fats, and release gas and toxins from the belly.

Be it side, reverse, vertical, twist, crunches are the way to go. Crunches involve lying on the back, placing the hand behind the ear and lifting upward and forward.
Jogging, Walking/ Running: 
Put on your sneakers, and stretch the fit and tummy for around thirty minutes daily. This not only releases the firmness in your belly, but also opens up the pores of your skin.
This involves breaking the hips and pushing the butt backwards. The knees also bend as you go downwards, and then back up again. Keep your head and waist straight and hands stretched in front.