May 11, 2018

How to download YouTube videos on android using YouTube video downloader app.

There are a lot of  YouTube video downloaders on play store , However in this guide i will show how you can download YouTube videos on Android using any YouTube video downloader .

Step 1: Open your YouTube Video Downloader

Step 2: Enter any search term of the video you’re interested in and tap the search button . A list of videos will show up .

Step 3: Tap the video you want to download . Some Format options will pop up .

Step 4: Select the video / audio format you want to download. We recommend MP4 files in 1080 or 720p for videos and MP3 files if you only want the audio.

Whichever video format you want to download on your android phone , i would recommend you use this website and save yourself the burden of nagging ads and apps that take up a lot of space on your phone.