May 10, 2018

Nokia 7 plus review – can rely on it? check out

The build quality of this device is spot on. 
The body is curved out of a single block of 6000 Series aluminium and it is coated with a Ceramic-feel coating that hides the antenna lines leaving the phone looking neat on the back.

Battery Life is also superb. 
All the internals are powered by a 3800mAh battery that is capable of fast charging delivered via with USB-C. The phone is said to last 2 days on battery but I got around one and a half days of close-to-heavy usage and I am not complaining.

4GB RAM working alongside a Snapdragon 660 processor means that you will not experience any lag thanks to the optimized software.

The Display is a 6″ 1080P panel that will satisfy any entertainment hungry user.

It runs on Android 8.1 Oreo out of the box but if you want you can update it to Android P Beta since the Nokia 7 Plus is one of the few devices certified by Google to run the test version of the upcoming version of Android. Nokia 7 Plus’ software is pretty much what you get on the Pixel devices, right down to the home button animation. In short, you want this device just for the software.

What Else?

  • The famous Pro mode is here for anyone who wishes to push this camera to the limits
  • Better than average images, what I like to call, Instagram-ready photos
  • Live Bokeh mode thanks to the 12MP dual cameras on the back
  • 16MP front selfie shooter that does a good job
  • Nokia Spatial Sound for 360-degree audio and Bothie mode is here too