May 13, 2018

Possible reasons you keep falling for the wrong men.

Dear lady, you see yourself as a good woman but you wonder why you keep attracting the wrong men. Below could be possible reasons why

1. You go to the wrong places
Good men will be found in specific places. You are your environment, are you looking for a husband material man in places that are not for men serious about their future?

2. You don’t know what you want
When you don’t know the kind of family you want in future and the man suitable for that future, you will fall for any man, most often, the wrong men because the right men know what they want and want a woman that knows what she wants.

3. You know what you want but you betray yourself
Perhaps you know the qualities you want in a man but you compromise on qualities that you must not. You justify yourself when you choose wrong men convincing yourself you will change him.

4. You say yes too easily
You quickly say yes to the first man who shows interest in you. Your heart is too precious why do you give it on first come first serve basis? Why do you take the easy route and fall for the easy casual way yet your love is precious and hard to find?

5. You don’t involve God
You pray to God to give you a good man but you rebel against God in the process. You don’t do it God’s way then you blame God when things don’t work out.

6. You are not objective
Lady, do you get caught up in the excitement, feelings and charm of a man that you forget to use your head?

7. You are superficial
Cars, houses, fame, titles; are these the things that blind you? Many women have fallen for the extravagance of wrong men out to use them. A good man is known by his heart and character, then the material things come after.

8. You repel good men
Perhaps you have been so used to being mistreated, so used to being taken for granted that you see yourself as unworthy of good love. You run away from good men because you fear a real fruitful relationship.

9. You rush things
Or maybe you rush into love so fast that you end up crashing only to hurt yourself. Wrong men will take advantage of this. Don’t be desperate.

10. You don’t possess the qualities you look for
Are you attractive to the kind of man you want to attract? If you expect a good man, present yourself as a woman complimenting that good man.