May 6, 2018

Signs that he is not into you

There is a common saying that girls think with their hearts and not their minds. This usually lands them into alot of trouble. Many times they give their love unconditionally, only to be slapped in the face. Here are signs that he is not that into you, and you need to pack your bags and leave.

He is not communicating
The trick that some guys pull to get away from a woman is cutting all forms of communication/ contact. He will minimize on the text messages. He will avoid anything that may lead to him talking to you often, hence creation of any emotional attachments.

No more Compliments
When a guy likes you and is sure that you are the one for him, you will be showered with endless complements. Everything about you will be exactly as he has always wished for. When he starts to point out more of the negatives than encourage or build you, then it may be time to grab your bags.

He is Always Busy
One of the key things that make relationships stand tall, is the amount of time that people spend together. There are guys who are genuinely busy, and then there are those that will definitely avoid you. There is only one way you can fight back, and that is by keeping distance, and silent.