June 19, 2018

Signs that you are more than just friends

At some point, we are all faced with a dilemma of not knowing whether the person you like is interested in you or he/she just views you as a friend. The signals that they send maybe confusing and hard to interpret.

1. Making up little excuses to be around you.
If a person finds the tiniest reasons to see you then they like you a little more. For example, he/she may claim not to have a pen and they need yours. On the contrary, when a person is always coming up with causes as to why they cannot meet up with you then the two of you are just friends.

2. How often does he/she compliment you?
Compliments have a way of soothing our hearts and raising spirits. If an individual constantly gives you positive remarks for example about how you smell, the way you style your hair or even your walking style then there is a possibility that they are interested in more than just friendship.

3. Talks about the opposite sex when with you.
When a person constantly talks about how well they are doing with their interactions with people from the other gender then they like you more than just a friend. This is because no one wants to look lame or anti-social in the eyes of their crush but instead you want to look like the guy or girl who has so many options and alternatives. The 'cool' chic/dude whom people just can't get enough of.

4. Doesn't let you talk about your relationship problems.
This is simply to prevent being stuck in the friend zone. Once a friend, always a friend.

5. Creates time for you.
If your 'friend' specifically assigns a day or even an afternoon to spend with you, then you might be more than just friends. But if he/she only hangs out with you in the company of other people or when you accidentally bump into each other then you are probably nothing more than just a friend to him/her